20 Random Facts you should know about

I have been blogging since 2011, and I never got personal with my readers because I felt so uncomfortable writing personal posts. I feel like now it time I want to show that I do have struggles and I am human not just a facade who just post outfits and beauty products.

1. I was born in Seattle WA and raised in a small city of Kirkland WA

2. My family comes from Caribbean origins

3. I was born 3 months early. My mother suffered a disease called Sickle Cell Anemia which the red blood cells attack the white blood cells which can cause chronic pain especially in your legs and it difficult to carry a pregnancy to full term

4. I have an identical twin sister (good luck trying to get her to blog)

5. My mother passed away at the age of 10 from complications from her illness

6. I was raised by my grandmother

7. I was incredibly shy in school which led to getting bullied most of the time

8. I have never broken a bone ( sprains mostly)

9. My favorite color is purple

10. My favorite superhero is Wonder Woman ( I did see the movie and loved it)

11. I was obsessed with tennis in High School and wanted to be like Serena Williams

12. I was obsessed watching the Hills and bought the entire series on DVD

13. I am an introvert

14. My favorite flowers are gardenias

15. My favorite store is Bath and Body Works

16. My favorite clothing store is Zara

17. My favorite food is pasta

18. When I am not blogging I work as a peer counselor as my day job

19. I started blogging as a creative outlet and wanted to demonstrate how to style with a limited budget

20. If you see in public and say hello I am very friendly.



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