Finding Your Style Independence

It is very easy to follow what celebrities are wearing and lose yourself in it. It is sad to see men and women wearing what was not meant for them. You are just blending into what your favorite movie star is wearing. Well, there is one secret to dressing: be independent in what you wear. It is time to call it quits with subscribing to fashion trends never meant for your body and shape.

Keys to cultivating your own style

You need a styling with confidence lesson and here is one for you. First, you need to understand the crucial tenets in creating a great image. And of course the right mindset to do so. Once that is ingrained in you, here are the keys to great styling:

· Dress for fun- styling should not be a source of pain. If you are doing it every morning and it feels like pulling a tooth out, you are terribly wrong about it. You should enjoy the experience.

· Be artistic- what you wear and how you wear it are visible expressions of yourself. Wear something that befits and expresses you in the best way possible.

· Be sexy- let us get this clear, being sexy is in no way the same as being scandalous. Sexiness should come out of your confidence portrayed by your choice of clothes. Let your style display your inner bombshell.

· Be novel- to cultivate your style, be bold and try new things. Mix up your pieces and see how they turn out. For once, be at ease with what you wear. Go out of your way to try something that you will not normally wear.

You see how chic you can be if only you followed your heart. Be independent, be unique and release your potential for the world to see. Get out there in confidence and show the world your unique wardrobe. Freedom and comfort should be your guiding torch.


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21 responses to “Finding Your Style Independence”

  1. Kaylee says:

    I love this! I used to always follow trends and what everyone else did when I was in high school. After I graduated I started to dress and accessorize in the ways I actually liked, made me wonder why I ever tried to copy everyone else.

    • monchicstyle says:

      Hi Kaylee, I was the same way too and realize it was so boring trying to be like everyone else and fit in it so much more fun standing out and wear what you are comfortable in. I am glad that you found inspiration from this.

  2. Marcie says:

    The best thing to wear is confidence! Love your pink skirt! I would totally rock that, too!

  3. This was great. Finding your own style I feel can be really hard but once you do….it is so cool to see how you can pull different pieces together.

  4. I love this. Style is such a great way to express personality! And I think it was really important that you noted that being sexy does not equal being scandalous.

    • monchicstyle says:

      Thank you so much Samantha, that what excatly I was aiming for. I am so glad that you enjoyed reading my post.

  5. Jade says:

    Love this! So many times I try and copy a ‘trend’ and it just doesn’t work with my figure xx

    • monchicstyle says:

      Hi Jade I know its so difficult to try and copy a trend and it does not work. do you boo being independent is so much more fun that way.

  6. cynelle says:

    This is great, individuality is the key to true self expression.

  7. yes be you. style what feels comfortable for you. this has a nice impact.

    Courtney Bentley ||

  8. Jamie says:

    I have to say this I disagree with this part “It is time to call it quits with subscribing to fashion trends never meant for your body and shape.” I think every person has a right to wear whatever they want. Being overweight there are two things that I didn’t think I could every wear; a jumpsuit and a crop top. I just purchased my first jumpsuit a few weeks ago and I rock it. I have yet to try a crop top but that is only because I haven’t found one I have to have.

  9. This is such a great post, I love all of the different looks

  10. Emily Soto says:

    I loved this post! Finding your personal style and embracing it is the best.

  11. Great tips, great looks here! I’ve always had an “independent streak” when it comes to style, but it has gone in waves depending on what’s going on in my life. Great reminder, here!

  12. fashNcurious says:

    I am 1000 percent in support of wearing what makes you happy in style or not!

  13. Awesome post! I love trying different stuff but ultimately it comes down to, does this look good on me and do I feel great?
    Thanks for sharing

    -Brandi Kimberly

  14. This is very intriguing! I appreciate this styling advice. I love that with fashion there is no right and wrong. Simply choose what suits and excites you and then OWN IT!
    xo Debbie |

  15. I love this! Confidence is the most stylish thing you can have on 🙂

  16. Vonnie Krenn says:

    You have observed very interesting points! ps nice web site.

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