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Recently, I came across this awesome product called Bathing Beauteas which is a teabag for your bath that when you put it your bathtub it steep like a teabag and it feels like you are in a spa. Bathing Beauteas was founded by Joyce Tsang and 4 of her partner by doing a business project while attending the University of Washington business program after the project ended, Joyce got so much feedback so she decided to turn into a full-fledged business. I recently interviewed Joyce over brunch and asked a few questions

How was Bathing Beauteas Created?

Bathing Beauteas started off as a passion project between 6 women entrepreneurs who wanted to promote wellness, natural beauty, and female-focused social change. From the start, we believed in bringing together our purpose of empowering women and our common love of tea. What came out of our ideation and research was a historical beauty remedy that spanned several continents, leading us to reinvent the experience of bathing in tea. Each Bathing Beauteas tea bath is inspired by a bathing tradition around the globe and named after an influential woman from that culture.

After 47 heavenly scented trials, we created our 3 unique tea bath blends:

Cleopatra Chamomile based off of the charismatic Egyptian queen, Geisha Green Tea inspired by talented Japanese artisans, and Persephone Pomegranate modeled after the nurturing Greek goddess of spring. Like these women before us, Bathing Beauteas empowers women to live a story worth making history. We partner with nonprofits like UnBound, which restores survivors of sex trafficking, and Powerful Voices, which empower young women in social justice. Near the end of 2017, we added Lady Lavender to our line of classic tea baths as well as 2 limited edition seasonal blends.

How long have you been in business?

Bathing Beauteas will be celebrating its 3rd birthday this upcoming spring! We started off in the infamous Create A Company class at the University of Washington in 2015 and have been expanding ever since. For a period of time, one of our co-founders was living in NYC and we endured weekly calls on bi-coastal time zones. While we are currently happily reunited in Seattle, we look forward to the day when we’ll be communicating in international time zones as our business continues to grow.


Where do you source your main ingredients?

All our ingredients are local! Everything – from our different varieties of tea leaves down to our bath salts – is sourced from local businesses and artisans in the greater Seattle area. Not only do we care deeply about supporting the local economy, it’s also a huge plus when you can drive just 15 minutes to the warehouse of your supplier for rush orders! We believe in finding the highest quality goods to handcraft our tea baths by connecting with fellow Seattleites who know their craft and pursue it with passion.


What can the audience benefit from the Brand?

Bathing Beauteas provides an experience of empowerment, rejuvenation, and wellness. From the tea bath experience to the thoughtful branding, all the way to the production process and positive financing, we are about empowering women.

  1. Bathing in our tea, essential oil, and Epsom salt blends is both refreshing to the mind and nourishing to the body. Our fragrances calm and center women so that they can feel rested and ready to influence the office and home. The natural ingredients also relieve sore muscles and soften skin. It’s like a visit to the spa but in your own home!
  2. Each classic blend is named after an influential woman in history from a culture with bathing traditions. Cleopatra, for example, bathed in milk and honey. She was known to lead with confidence in charisma. We hope modern-day women are inspired by these historical beauties to also make history with their lives.
  3. We partner with nonprofits strategically, providing meaningful work training while increasing our production capacity. In the past, we collaborated with UnBound, a nonprofit that supports survivors of sex trafficking.  The survivors handcrafted tea baths with us and we also led them in job skills training.
  4. For every purchase, we donate a portion to our nonprofit partners. Nonprofits know what they’re doing to solve social issues in a sustainable way, and we want to support that with our business practices and our profits.  We look forward to expanding our connections for social impact.


Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Good question, we love visioning and dreaming about the future! At the end of the day, Bathing Beauteas is meant to go beyond the bath. In 5 years, we see our product lines expanded from bath products to shower products, home fragrances, stationary, and even our own digital/print publication. More than that, we want to see Bathing Beauteas play an active part in the community to spark dialogue, spread creativity*, and speak inspiration. Hopefully, by then you’ll also find us selling internationally!

*Follow us on Facebook to find out about upcoming hand-lettering classes, bullet journaling courses, and other creative gatherings in 2018!


After I received the product I gave it a try and it felt I was taking a bath in tea, and the aroma was amazing. the price is affordable a well a single one is $5 -$10  or you can get 3 for $28 I would definitely recommend the 3 for $28. I am excited to see what Joyce and Bathing Beauteas will go in the future.







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  1. Very interesting. I’m glad I got to read about something that interests me.

  2. This sounds like something I could really use. Sometimes I’ll use lavendar epson salts but honestly this seems better than that.

  3. Jassy says:

    Never heard about bathing beauteas! Sounds very interesting and is a pretty gift for christmas or birthdays! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Yulianna says:

    Great post! So much new information for me. Thank you! I love lavender aroma!

  5. What a concept – to bath in tea – it’s genius & nourishing! Thanks for sharing your passion and journey. I look forward to seeing the many success to unfold for you in the upcoming year.

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