Walking in Stripes (The Anoki Flats from Just Fab)

I have to admit it. I like my days when I go out in all black or black and white. There’s something appealing about the edgy nature of playing with the two most basic colors in any style arsenal. In this case, I choose to build up on this outfit  with a black top a pink skirt with a demin jacket from these flats that are perfect for any girl on the go that needs a pair of head turning flats that can slipped on quickly.

The black and white stripes look great . If you tend to wear a lot of black or white, these flats are a great Just Fab choice that gives you a lot of options when picking an outfit in a rush. I personally like flats for the comfort factor and if I’m traveling, they can be fit easily in my luggage.

The black top completes this edgy outfit in Mon-chic fashion and allows this outfit to be very versatile. Whether you want to out a local show in a bar or go on a drive with your girlfriends, you’ll be comfortable while wearing this black top from Chic Coalition. The edgy factor of this outfit can also be leveled up with a glossy bomber jacket or pair of flashy sunglasses on a hot day.

Images: Lorriane Mae Photography

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