White and Leather


Spring is here, and with everything coming to life, I decided to rock a white dress picked from my wardrobe this week. It is a simple flowy dress that appreciates the curves and exhales confidence. This dress has been in the closet for quite some time and I thought it was about time I glammed it up.

The dress is flawless. It stops right above the knee, just the perfect length for a dress. Its material rubs softly against my skin. It makes for a perfect choice any day. Given that the dress is fully white, I decided to throw a black leather jacket over it.

The thing about leather is that it makes a fashion statement anywhere. The leather is not seasonal. It works perfectly with most outfits and it did not fail on this one. While it was almost effortless, the white dress blended in perfectly with the black leather jacket. It portrays good taste as if a lot of work was put into the outfit. The leather is designed to have its lapels fall over each other in a stylish taste making the outfit, even more, chic It is scarcely studied and this will not help but turn heads.


I chose to complete the outfit by donning boots that went up slightly above the knee but shortly below the white dress. These black velvet boots are but priceless. They have the ability to redefine style.

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3 responses to “White and Leather”

  1. Mary says:

    Still love this combination of textures. Such a great outfit.


    • monchicstyle says:

      Hi Mary, I love wearing this outfit I can switch it up both going out and in the workplace. Thank so much for your feedback.

  2. Neti says:

    First time here and I love how you styled this white dress. I’ll be back to read more. .

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